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Music CDs 10 (12 inc p&p)
  • Summon up the Song
  • Mike's brilliant songs.
  • Covath
  • Definitive Cornish instrumental CD
  • Pride of Place
  • Tunes from Francis Prideaux MS 1788  

Image of Mike's Cornish Folk Tales book.
Cornish Folk Tales 9.99 (11.99 inc p&p)
A magical tour through the folklore of Cornwall
This book has had outstanding reviews.

Music Books 6 (7.20 inc p&p) unless marked otherwise
  • Something in the Soul
  • The loveliest songs: Nelson, Last Song etc.
  • 8.00 (10.00 inc p&p)
  • Fire, Light and Storm (New in 2013)
  • Powerful songs, spellbinding songs, wonderful!
  • Band Played Trelawny, Singing the Soul
  • 8.00 (10.00 inc P&P)
  • This Song I'll Sing to You
  • Folk songs from Padstow/Wadebridge area.
  • Echoes of Old Kea
  • 18th century tunes from John Giddy of Kea.
  • Piran's Welcome
  • Mike's tunes including 'Sunset Over Suilven' & 'Piran's Welcome'
  • No Song ~ No Supper!
  • Early 19th century tunes from John Old of Par.
  • Dons an Garrow
  • 19th century tunes from William of Allen of  St Ives
  • Petticoats Tight, Petticoats Loose
  • 18th century tunes from Morval House near Looe.

Storytelling CDRs 10 (12 inc p&p)
  • The Company of Dreamers
  • Beautiful Cornish stories
  • The Soul of the Fiddle
  • The tunes and their tales
  • Tristan and Iseult
  • The classic Cornish tale, with Merv Davey, harp.
  • Imravoe
  • The Orknsaga - an epic tale, a modern classic
  • Tales of the Rood
  • Forgotten tales, old as time.
  • Of Gods and Men
  • Darwin on the Edge: FATE solo commission 2009
  • The Seals Singing
  • Atmospheric Selkie stories
  • Loki
  • The Nordic classic. Brilliant, thought-provoking.

Cornwall Songwriters CDs
(10+2 p&p) & Books (6 plus 1.20 p&p)
  • Cornish Lads - CD
  • The songs from the show sung by the songwriters themselves.
  • Unsung Heroes - CD
  • The songs from the show sung by the songwriters themselves.
  • The Cry of Tin - CD
  • The songs from the show sung by the songwriters themselves.
    Apologies, this item is no longer available.
  •   Cornish Lads - Book
  •   Script & score of  the tale of Cornwall's World Heritage landscape. Out of Print.
  • Unsung Heroes - Book
  • The script & score of the folk opera of the lost gardeners of Heligan. Out of Print.
  • The Cry of Tin - Book
  • Script & score of Cornwall Songwriters' gritty mining drama. Out of print.

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